ms. Dame Domijaiek sent the boy out, and as his footsteps went down the stair: “Did you find him?” she asked. “He is at Sedad Vix.” Her mouth worked a little, and with the calm eyes fixed up

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on her, she could keep it back no more. “He has been unfaithful to me.” “I do not understa

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nd.” “In the witch-families we cannot help—” “Ah. Then it is a knowledge gained throu

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gh falsity and witchcraft, not through the God of love, and so will lead to no good end.” “

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I am unhappy,” was all Lalette could whisper, (not understanding what the woman was trying to s

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ay). 315 “It is because you look on this man as personal to you. Love must share with all.?/p>

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? (There was something passionately wrong with this, Lalette felt, but rue and the after-lash



less than all love, so he owes as much to you; and by destroying your joy, he has failed his obligation. Do you still love him, not as we must love all, but to yourself, as of the material world?”

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atly made up. There was— 316 All at once the whirl at the back of her mind resolved itself into a pattern. There were two things in it, a picture of a strange room where men talked before a fire

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